Introduction to Applied Theatre

This interactive workshop is for people who are interested in using theatre in community and education settings.


You will learn about key elements of Theatre of the Oppressed including Image Theatre, Forum Theatre, Rainbow of Desire, Cop-in-the-Head and Invisible Theatre.


Based in theory as well as practice, the workshop will also equip you with an arsenal of community-building games.

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The speed at which she was able to enthuse her students to relax and turn on their creative selves was astonishing. This spoke a lot about Russians’ natural openness and creativity but it also showed Natalia's tremendous skill and unassuming professionalism.

Thank you very much for the wonderful workshop today! It was a truly enjoyable way to start the weekend! I only feel sorry that we only had one hour and it flew by so quickly! 

I want to thank you for the marvellous workshop. All the tasks were very interesting and useful and I will definitely use all of them during my lessons.